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Crush competitors

Rankster will help you crush your competitors by giving you actionalble recommendaitons from Rankster's AI engine that will boost your rankings.

Full Transparency

SEO has always been a dark art practiced by many but mastered by few. Investment returns are fussy at best.

Rankster's explainable AI approach changes all of htis. It will tell you what to charge, how much its going to cost and can estimate your return.


Focus time and resources on activities that are most likely to get results. With Rankster there is no guess work!

Machine Learning and SEO

How does Rankster's AI-Driven SEO algorithm work?

Most SEO agencies focus on link building and content creation. But:

  • What if you are already stronger than  your competitors in these areas ? 
  • Are there any low hanging fruit initiatives that could help crush rankings?
  • Does what matters change across niches and industries?

In most cases, SEO companies are wasting your budget by focusing on the wrong things!

The Rankster algorithm is entirely evidence-based. The process starts with you providing a list of keywords (up to 250) and the Rankster algorithm will collect over 1000 pieces of information about your site and your competitors for each keyword! As you can appreciate, the data collection process that Rankster undertakes is intensive. The downside of this is it takes 2 days to generate your results. The upside is the output is going to be full of insights you’re not going to get with any other tool! The average run collects around 10 million data points all about your site, industry and closest competitors.

Whilst we are not going to give away our secrete sauce on what information we collect, it’s fair to say that we did a deep dive into what SEO “experts” have said is important for achieving high ranks plus adding our own insights.

AI and SEO

The Rankster algorithm starts by assuming nothing about your SEO. Rankster learns from your data set using advanced machine learning and AI. It’s important to understand what this means. Rather than using some generic data set which leads to generic results, we use performance data specific to your site and your competitors to train your personalised SEO model. This should make perfect sense, as you must beat your competitors to rank number 1.

The algorithm then goes about finding what’s important (out of the 1000+ factors) in getting your site to rank higher. It’s not possible for humans to look at 1000+ factors, let alone the combination of those factors, to come up with an SEO strategy. Our algorithm doesn’t rely on any SEO expert opinions. The aI forms it’s own view based on our advanced AI technology and the combinations of those factors.

This AI SEO thing all sounds too hard!

Whilst the Rankster algorithm itself is complex, you don’t need to see any of the technical complexity. Your interaction with Rankster consists of the following :
  • You will get a Rankster score that will rank you vs. your competitors.
  • For each keyword, you will know what you need to do to move your Rankster score up and to help reach your goals. The actionable items are clear and concise recommendations that can be easily followed by site operators or developers.

Do I just need to use Rankster’s SEO tool once?

As you tick off each action item and start climbing in search rankings, new items will appear. Our algorithm starts with the low hanging fruit and then works its way through to the harder to implement or lower value items. Once again, a reminder that your results are relative to your competitors, so the recommendations will also change as your competitors implement changes, as markets change and as search engine operators adjust their own algorithms.  For all of these reasons Rankster is offered on a subscription basis, to make our customers more successful, and help them keep succeeding.

How do I get started on improving my SEO?

You can start your 14-day free trial by setting up the domain(s) you want to optimise and a set of keywords for each domain. That will kick our algorithm off. Some results will populate quickly, others take more time. After that you will receive your first Rankster report and start on your AI-driven SEO journey.

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